Jiangsu Province releases three year action plan of "strengthening industrial chain"

A few days ago, the general office of Jiangsu provincial government issued the three-year action plan of "strengthening the industrial chain", which specifies that in three years, it will focus on cultivating 50 key industrial chains, strengthen 30 of them, and promote 10 of them to achieve excellence.  

According to the action plan, by 2023, Jiangsu's strong industrial chain will realize "four batches", that is, strive to create a number of national advanced manufacturing clusters with benchmarking significance, create a number of "chain owner enterprises" and invisible champion enterprises with strong international competitiveness, overcome a number of key core technologies that restrict the independent control, safety and efficiency of the industrial chain, and promote a number of excellent industrial chains The competitive strength and innovation ability have reached the first-class level in China and the advanced level in the world.  

The plan of action calls for the focus on 13 advanced manufacturing clusters and strategic emerging industries, and the implementation of the 531 industry chain progressive cultivation project. In three years, 50 key industries with high agglomeration, embeddedness, advanced nature, strong synergy innovation, intellectual development and brand influence are focused on, and 30 strong industrial chains are promoted to promote UHV. Ten industrial chains, including equipment, crane, Internet of vehicles, brand clothing, advanced carbon materials, biomedicine, integrated circuit, high-tech ship, rail transit equipment, and "big data +", have been upgraded.  

Jiangsu Province will implement the system of linking provincial leaders with advantageous industrial chains, establish the system of linking provincial leaders with 30 advantageous industrial chains, and set up special classes for strengthening industrial chains.