Ningbo Wanhua Chemical Factory MDI equipment routine maintenance shutdown
22 Mar., 2018

Wanhua chemical 28 evening announcement, the company owned subsidiary of Wanhua chemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. MDI a device …

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Sinopec is seeking new products and old money
14 Nov., 2017

In November, the Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. ammonia plant was overhauled, and the joint venture with the largest…

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Ningbo Wanhua chemical selected the first batch of national green plant
31 Oct., 2017

Recently, the State Ministry released the 2017 list of China's first demonstration of green manufacturing system, Wanhua …

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Sanyou held the second annual chlor alkali reasonable assessment will
26 Mar., 2017

In October 20th, Tangshan Sanyou alkali limited liability company held second times 2017 rationalization proposal evaluat…

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Chlor alkali chemical is expected to increase substantially in the first three quarters of the net profit
9 Oct., 2017

The chlor alkali chemical industry recently released results Yuying notice. The company expects to achieve net profit of …

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The establishment of the leading personnel mechanism in Ningbo ocean chemical industry
28 Sep., 2017

In order to further implement the "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativ…

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