Jiangsu chemical industry safety and environmental protection improvement in depth
16 Jul., 2020

The one hundred day campaign to improve the safety and environmental protection of chemical industry in Jiangsu Province …

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Affected by the epidemic situation, WTI fluctuated greatly in the first half of the year
2 Jul., 2020

Worried that the global epidemic will impact the economy, inhibit economic growth and oil demand recovery, and internatio…

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National Bureau of Statistics: profits of petrochemical industry improved significantly in May
2 Jul., 2020

On June 28, the National Bureau of statistics released the statistics of industrial enterprises from January to May. Amon…

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The market for our weak stability in shandong district
9 Jun., 2020

Recently, market for our weak stability in shandong district.Local sources are mainly composed of sea salt and well miner…

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Emergency management research guide for work safety in production
9 Jun., 2020

Emergency management, vice minister wei in Shanghai, zhejiang, investigation for enterprises and chemical industrial park…

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Donation Certificate from Harris County Precinct One
30 May., 2020

Thank you Constable Alan Rosen, Harris County Precinet One, and Erica Davis, Community Outreach Director, for sending us …

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