Donating face masks to the local police department
30 May., 2020

Sage Industries, Inc. took quick actions to protect employees at the beginning of coronavirus outbreak in Houston. Sage I…

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Mergency department deployed 2020 drill work
7 May., 2020

Recently, emergency management department issued by the notification, request the normalized in epidemic prevention and c…

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Shandong region for our market
7 May., 2020

Recently, shandong area for our market.Local sources are mainly composed of sea salt and mineral salt well, market supply…

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Sea salt market stability and promote in liaoning province
7 May., 2020

Sea salt in liaoning province recently, market stability and promote.Local industrial salt supplies mainly for sea salt, …

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Zhejiang town, the company to carry out the chlorine leak emergency drill
7 May., 2020

To improve the return to premises and production staff awareness of occupational protection and emergency disposal abilit…

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Overweight closed out of dangerous chemical enterprises in shandong province
7 Apr., 2020

"The key is to prevent enterprises hold fluky psychology, some enterprises, according to the schedule plan will be c…

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