Crude Hydrobromic Acid

Hydrobromic acid is a colorless or faint yellow liquid with the CAS # of 10035-10-6. 

Product Description

Hydrobromic acid is formed by adding hydrogen bromide to water. It is a strong mineral acid, due to the high electronegativity of bromine,  causing the hydrogen-bromine bond to become ionized easily. The chemical formula of hydrobromic acid is HBr (aq), and the molar mass is 80.91 g/mol.

Hydrobromic acid is used as a substrate or catalyst in the preparation of chemical products.

It is an essential raw material in the preparation of intermediate organic products, inorganic pharmeucutical products, photosensitive materials, dyes, and medications.

It is also used to prepare bromine compounds.

It is used in industrial processes for isomerization, polymerization, hydration, dehydration, and esterification.

It is curcial in the extraction of mercury from cinnabar ore.