OCC Recycled Paper

Corrugated cardboard has a multiple layer structure. The fluted or wavy middle layer between the sheets of paper keeps corrugated board light but gives it the strength for carrying products. If OCC is kept dry and clean, recycling is straightforward provided that all non-paper materials such as bubble wrap, wood skids, plastic bags, plastic wrapping, and Styrofoam are removed.

Product Description

Grade 11 OCC has liners of either test liner, jute or kraft. 

·    Prohibitive Materials < 5%

·    Outthrows < 5%

·    Combined outthrows and prohibitive materials < 5%.


Grade 12 OCC is doubled sorted. 

·    Trash/Prohibitive Materials, nil

·    Outthrows plus prohibitive materials < 5%

·    Moisture content < 5%

·    Bale 115 x 115 x 200 cm 

·    25 Bales per container